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Modangul Marupovna Tagbergenova

Modangul Marupovna Tagbergenova Partner of TOO "Agency of Intellectual Property "Tagbergenova & partners" Patent Attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan, reg. No.22, Eurasian Patent Attorney, reg. No.2

Modangul Tagbergenova is a founder of the "Agency of Intellectual Property Ltd"- the Agency INSO", now the "Agency of Intellectual Property "Tagbergenova & partners".

Mrs. Tagbergenova graduated as a chemist from the Kazakh State University. For years she had been working as a Head of chemical group in Alma-Aty branch of the All-Union Center of Patent Services.

She was at the very beginning of establishing of the National Patent Office of independent Kazakhstan in 90s and also she was one of the authors of the first Law of Trademarks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mrs. Tagbergenova is attested and registered as a Patent Attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1994, as a Eurasian Patent Attorney in 1995.

Mrs. Tagbergenova is a member of INTA, LES.

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